DAXVision PeterProkopecz

Peter Prokopecz

D365FO / Dynamics AX Technical Architect, Developer
Founder & CEO


I have over 20 years experience with AX and even more in IT. Finished in a programming specific secondary school and already sold 2 business solutions (built in Borland Delphi) as a teenager. I was working while studying and therefore my diploma work for the IT BSc was based on a real project in Navision Axapta 2.5. I have been on the implementation partner and on customer side also. Lived in more places before: Cambridge, Budapest, Dubai and Gent.

Recent achievements and personal development:

  • I have recently completed 3 long distance runs which were more than 100 km long,
  • Became a member of Mensa high IQ society,
  • Obtained my second degree at the MBA program of University of Miskolc. 


Tamas Z.

Senior D365FO / Dynamics AX Developer

After IT BSc studies worked as system administrator in Windows and Linux environments for 6 years. Always had a good sense of programming so deep dived into AX. As I was sitting next to Peter, I was mentored by a senior developer from the very beginning of my AX career. This way I quickly learned how to write good quality and well-performing code, how to debug and understand complex methods and solve complex issues. In free time become master of Rubik’s cube.

Tamas S.

Senior D365FO / Dynamics AX Developer

Certified software developer with object oriented programming skills and experience in C#, Java, PHP and X++ (Dynamics AX / D365FO). Other than working on real AX technical tasks for customers, I also do research in D365FO topics related to extensions, reporting and integration. Interested in football, movies, series and producing music.

Peter S.

D365FO / Dynamics AX Developer

During my AX career I worked on code upgrade, from AX 2012 to D365, I did a lot of debugging and bug fixing (Form not opening, Object reference errors, Lookup issues, etc..), and created reports working with electronic reporting. We also created a billing solution in D365 with DAXVision team.
I am helping with AX 2012 support issues while still working most of the time on AX2012 to D365 upgrade for JJ Food Service Ltd. 

I am proud of the customers were always satisfied, I am learning new things fast, and most of the time I have my meetings in English. 

Bence S.

D365FO / Dynamics AX Developer

I started my developer and AX career here at DAXVision. My mentor was Tamas Z. who is very good at writing good quality and well performing code. I have experience with Dynamics AX and D365FO. I’ve gained many useful skills over time by working on real tasks for customers, learning from my colleagues, solving practice tasks, and learning from official documentation.

Szabolcs M.

Senior D365FO / Dynamics AX Consultant (finance)

I graduated with a degree in economics, after which I worked as an assistant auditor and accountant. Over the years, I have worked with several ERPs as a financial consultant. I gained a lot of experience during project works, but I also performed support tasks continuously. The most enjoyable part of my job is working with clients because I love meeting new people and partners. In every situation I try to find the most optimal solutions that all parties can be satisfied with.

Nándor F.

Sales and Administration Manager

Throughout my career, I have held significant positions in management, including department head and project manager. My extensive experience in leading teams has taught me that a cohesive and collaborative group is capable of accomplishing anything. In particular, I have overseen several notable projects, such as the depersonalization of test systems, the provision of IT support for GDPR compliance, and the development of mobile applications with new business functions. These projects have required a high level of skill and expertise, which I have been able to provide due to my years of experience in management.