“We worked together with Peter’s team last year. At the beginning we tested them with a smaller, 8-10 days financial development project (accrual handling) that we had to delivered in a Polish roll-out. Since they worked fine, we involved them into a bigger implementation (the biggest Ax2012 project in Hungary last year), where they also meet our requirements. They took part “only” in the development phase, as they got the detailed development specifications from our senior consultants/architects, and delivered us back the code. They always kept the dead-lines, and worked in very good quality in different areas, like F&A, WMS and sales.
I’d work with them in future projects, and I definitely recommend them for other MS partners and clients.”
[Zsolt Lendvai, general manager, Dax Consulting Ltd, September 2018]

“Our feedback is very positive. Thank you for your responsive, cooperative, precise work during delivery of complex tasks in high quality level and also for your positive attitude during implementation. We were satisfied and I believe that in the future we will cooperate on another projects together. Thank you for your support from last 8 months”
[Tomáš Bogdanov, project manager at WBI, s.r.o., September 2018]

“Peter and I were learning the nooks and crannies of Microsoft Dynamics AX / 365 F&O, then practicing it together at various companies throughout the years. His development and architect skills are on par with the top engineers in our business. He is very thorough and precise with gathering the requirements, and then delivering a complete solution. Peter has great mentoring- and people management skills. It is a pleasure to work and speak with such passion at various meetups and conferences around the world.”
[Vilmos Kintera,  Blogger & Microsoft MVP (Business Applications – AX), https://www.daxrunbase.com/, April 2019]

DAXVision ERP Consulting is a reliable taxpayer. [Tax authority, 2020]