There was a fantastic 3 days online event last weekend, the FinOps Bootcamp 2021 by Dynamics Communities with a lot of great sessions.

I had a session with the title “DevOps build and release basic setup from zero”. I explained how we set up Azure DevOps automated build and release and Azure hosted build agent. The target audience was technical consultants who haven’t implemented automated build and release and would like to do it the first time. I did a lot of demos and showed the simplest setup with only a few extras. I learned a lot from this event and hopefully also shared some useful information.

Topic of my session were:

  • Azure DevOps overview
  • Creating a Build VM and Pipeline
  • Automatic start and stop of the Virtual Machine when running the build
  • Release (automatic upload to LCS)
  • Azure Hosted Agent (build without a VM)

Thank you to the organizers and the 250 attendees who were interested. I had some great questions. I realized this morning that one question I misunderstood, but I have added the question and the answer to my slides and uploaded them to my GitHub. I am not sure if and when the recording will be available, but feel free to download the slides and contact me at or

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