Dynamics 365 Tech Conference Deployment Options

Deployment options


These are my notes to be used for a coming post

Deployment options

  1. Cloud
  2. Hybrid – cloud + edge
  3. Local business data aka on premise


Distributed computing – multiple disconnected distributed environment is called edge

Multiple instance implementation


Should be site based

V1 is based on dataareaid


Master deployment is in the cloud, rest could be local or azure edges

Superset of data will be in the master cloud deployment, shared data is writeable in cloud, some in edges, some both (temp data) or only add

Stat with the master

Batch/workflow? Work in progress

Crosscompany data is ok from cloud, not supported from edge

Example, create and view products

Sql datasync is 5 minutes

Create product in cloud, release from where you want to release it (multiple is issue)


Local Business Data

Lcs driven still, parts in cloud

Sql 2016 high availability, 3 service fabric

“Service fabric cluster setup”

Adfs, max 16 hours offline


From lbd moving to local single edge


5 x5 experience

In a coffee shop

Can have demo boxes on your subscription-one vm with sql on premise



NSG rules for security (network security group)


ExpressRoute is a cloud service

Public peering mode

Premium or standard


Azure Documentation site


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