Dynamics 365 Tech Conference Performance

This is a draft




Analyze – define key scenarios

Load profile

Data volume

Subscription …estimator on LCS

Define acceptable perf goals

Leverage task recordings to play the automated tests


Design and develop

Developers should repeatedly play and trace key scenarios in at least the single box dev env

Don’t forget reports, batch and integration



Perf SDK


Task rec

Data entities

Data extension tool

Trace parser

Perf SDK

SQL query store – gives the expensive queries with queryplan

Perf timer

Vs load test

Env monitoring on lcs – diagnostics dashboard, gives expensive queries and where are they coming from


Dev box from lcs- vs menu, create perf test from recording


Add user delays – add sleep random between 1-20 secs




Setvice volume/perfsdk/perfsdklocaldirectory


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