Last modified AOT objects (UtilIdElements ModelElementData)

There is a task that comes up from time to time. Find which objects were last modified, when and by whom.

There are more ways in AX 2012. Here are 2 that I use.

  1. Open UtilIdElements table from AOT

    You can see last modifications in table browser. Go to ‘System documentation/Tables’, right click UtilIdElements and select ‘Add-Ins/Table Browser’.

    You will see fields like name, type, modified/created by and datetime.


  2. Query ModelElementData in the model database

select top 100 me.Name, as TypeName, mt.TREENODENAME as TypeTreeNode, mtparent.TREENODENAME as ParentTypeTreenode, AxId, ParentId, LayerId, CREATEDBY, CREATEDDATETIME, MODIFIEDBY, MODIFIEDDATETIME from ModelElement me

inner join ModelElementData med on me.ElementHandle = med.ElementHandle

inner join SYSMODELELEMENTTYPE mt on mt.recid = me.ElementType

left outer join SYSMODELELEMENTTYPE mtparent on mt.PARENTTYPE = mtparent.RECID

order by med.MODIFIEDDATETIME desc 

You will get similar fields as above, but slightly different content.


First version is easier for most, second version is more accurate and more flexible as you can easily extend the query.

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