DAXVision PeterProkopecz

Peter Prokopecz

D365FO / Dynamics AX Technical Architect, Developer
Founder & CEO

I have over 15 years experience with AX and even more in IT. Finished in a programming specific secondary school and already sold 2 business solutions (built in Borland Delphi) as a teenager. I was working while studying and therefore my diploma work for the IT BSc was based on a real project in Navision Axapta 2.5. I have been on the implementation partner and on customer side also. Lived in more places before: Cambridge, Budapest, Dubai and Gent. Recent achievements and personal development:

  • I have recently completed the marathon in less than 4 hours after a preparation of 10 months,
  • Becomame a member of Mensa high IQ society,
  • Obtained my second degree at the MBA program of the University of Miskolc. 

D365FO / Dynamics AX Developer

After IT BSc studies worked as system administrator in Windows and Linux environments for 6 years. Always had a good sense of programming so deep dived into AX. As I was sitting next to Peter, I was mentored by a senior developer from the very beginning of my AX career. This way I quickly learned how to write good quality and well-performing code, how to debug and understand complex methods and solve complex issues. In free time become master of Rubik’s cube.

Tamas Sandor

D365FO / Dynamics AX Developer

Certified software developer with object oriented programming skills and experience in C#, Java, PHP and X++ (Dynamics AX / D365FO). Other than working on real AX technical tasks for customers, I also do research in D365FO topics related to extensions, reporting and integration. Interested in football, movies, series and producing music.

Our vision

Being involved in the ERP project of big companies means you are appreciated. These systems are crucial for the companies. We at DAXVision enjoy being part and care about these important tasks. We always want to be up to date with new technology without forgetting the good basics that should always be followed. We are 3 AX developer and technical consultant friends.


First Dynamics AX job started with an implementation at a furniture store as part of an Austrian-Hungarian team. Have experience starting from Navision Axapta 2.5. Projects in USA, UK, Belgium, Dubai, Sudan, Hungary, Bulgaria, Sweden. Some tasks from the past:

  • Helping the AX team as a senior member and team lead with mainly technical or developer topics
  • Code performance improvements: finding and redesign of slow code by tracing code and examining queryplans (sometimes purge and archive data)
  • Sharing technical improvement ideas, for example using of terminal servers, propagate infolog to event log etc.
  • Leading role in upgrade from AX 2012 R1 to R3 CU10 (code upgrade, data upgrade, issue resolution, people management, deadlines, reporting to management)
  • I am the first technical resource available in the mornings, so helping users/ helpdesk if needed (mainly performance related issues – find and resolve deadlocks in the database, update of index statistics etc.)
  • Take ownership of technical code upgrade of huge amount of credit card related developments
  • Code cleanup – renaming thousands of objects, finding and removing unused code and tables, best practice fixes
  • Implement automatic daily clone of production environment (SQL job – TSQL, PowerShell, X++ job) for Quality Assurance
  • SCOM setup
  • Helping with setup of TFS code build and release for AX 2012 R3
  • Traveled to Seatle to the Microsoft Technical conference to learn about the New Dynamics AX (7) and share with the team
  • Control the technical upgrade from AX 2012 R1 to R3 CU8 (code upgrade, data upgrade, issue resolution, people management, deadlines, reporting to management)
  • Make it possible to work with pallets in the new warehouse and transportation management solution of AX 2012 (BlueHorseshoe ISV and Microsoft said it is not possible and not supported)
  • Take key position in implementing new shipping solution in first AX 2012 go-live
  • Take ownership of bug resolutions with Microsoft: inventory closing, InventSumDelta issue etc.
  • Key technical contact for issues in production system (batch job issues, user session freeze, whole system freeze, performance issues – use of DynamicsPerf tool)
  • Develop US shipping solution based on BlueHorseshoe Warehousing for AX module
  • Technical architect of role based security implementation
  • Creation of code quality report template, FDD template
  • Take part in upgrading and extending a Belgian utility market add-on to AX 2012
  • Build functionality to manage remittances for energy suppliers/distribution grid owners
  • Integrate AX with external web based database through BizTalk (AX part)
  • Functional knowledge transfer and support for consultant in distribution and trade
  • Fixing role based security issues
  • Implement TFS version control, automated build
  • Upgrade “Die management” module from AX 2009 to AX 2012 (“die” is part of the machine used in the extrusion process)
  • Take place in implementing AX 2012: installations, create technical design documents, customization (version controlled), AX SSRS reports, import data using Services
  • Learn the new role based security concept and take ownership of security developments
  • Understand and support AX 4 which is running live
  • Project management, trade and logistics consulting
  • Re-implementation of DAX 4.0 with localization for a glue trader company. Danish company tried before without success because of Hungarian specialties.
  • Whole lifecycle implementation of Dynamics AX 4.0, Installing, Trade and logistics consulting, Developing, substitute project manager
  • Development team lead (project module with a real estate development add-on)
  • cash machine interface
  • Liquor Company in the United Arab Emirates – AX 4.0 – (Trade and logistics and finance modules)
    • Customization for handling the local law for duty-free warehouses
    • Developing liquor permit functionality. (Hotels, bars can buy a permit for purchasing liquors of a given value in this region.)
    • Customization for handling the local bank rules of “Post Dated Cheques”
    • Take part in Business Process Analysis
  • Sugar company in Sudan – AX 4.0 – (Finance module)
    • Install AX 4.0 SP1: 2 nodes clustered fail-safe server (RAID 0+1) for File server and database, 2 separate servers for AOS’s (load balanced).
    • Data import, small customizations, other technical and some functional tasks before- and after- go live
  • Computer wholesaler in the United Arab Emirates: developer, trade and logistics consultant