Member of Mensa HungarIQa, high IQ society

I have written a standardized and approved IQ test on the 1st of February. My test result was very good and I could join Mensa HungarIQa high IQ society.

What is Mensa

Mensa high IQ society is a group of people with an IQ higher than 98% of the population. Every kind of personality and profession is represented in the group and there are even unemployed members. Mensa was founded in England in 1946. We interact in online and personal conversations and gatherings. Have a football, a running team, special interest groups where Mensa members interested in the same topic share their thoughts and ideas with each other. See more details on

Figure 1.: Normal distribution of IQ [based on Mensa HungarIQ-a certification image]

My test

I wrote my test on the 1st of February in Budapest, in a classroom of a school close to the Danube river. The conditions were quite good. The only thing that disturbed me was that organizers were walking around and sometimes stopped to read what you write. I don’t know the reason, as I don’t think you can cheat on a test like this. Maybe it is boring to just sit there. This was not a big issue. I had 36 or 38 questions (not sure, I do not remember) and a bit of time pressure. Every question was about finding the figure that fits the empty place on the list. No text. The first 20 went easy. I needed more time to figure out the answer to half of the remainder. The rest (about 8) was difficult for me but managed to figure out again about the half. When time (1 hour) was over I had to just guess about 4 answers quickly. There is a low chance to select the correct answer just by luck as there are too many options.

The result

I received an e-mail after 3 weeks saying “We are pleased to inform you that you are eligible to join the Mensa HungarIQa Association on the basis of your IQ Test written on 01.02.2020.” Some information about the membership and a certificate was also attached.

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