Dynamics 365 Tech Conference Extensions

Thi is a draft




Why: cloud

Overlayering not cloud friendly, extensions is.

Continuous update

Impl / update speed and quality

Innovation speed

Cost of ownership

Test an isolation


Continuous update

3 years from now support overlayer


AppSource ISVs overlayered elements


Enums not extensible


Augmented class?


Intrusive customization limits continuous update


Liskov substitution principle


Time to refactor not just upgrade


Pre and post event Inserting event handler

Table super throws own event

“Or” can be removed by duplication if code


Else: let the original code write field than write again


Replace inline SQL with queryrun



By end of the year warnings on overlayering – possibility to overlayer


Sequence of events multiple events


Code upgrade service telemetry based on 2012,  not really extendable

Create a diplicate for ssrs and extend the menuitem and do-s


Isv post event handler 1 + isv2 post eventhandler 2

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