Dynamics 365 Tech Conference Developer Environment Best Practice

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Developer Environment Best Practice

Developer Environment Best Practice

Dynamics 365 Tech Conference General


Fast track team

Dev pieces work together and used for

Package is a deployment and compilation unit if one or more models

Represented by folders in packages folder


Model metadata and xpp similar to 2012


Use of existing package is overlaying (applucationSuite)

Folder in its package folder


Aos combination of packages and models


Model can contain references but should be minimized


Sys model xpp fixes replace files, not overlayer like in 2012


When u add a project add to current solution


Vsts (vso before)

Does not contain most sys xpp, binary hotfixes

Contains sys hotfixes solutions and projects, packages and models including isv

Things that you need to do a build



Dev branch and main branch

Bp to favor small checkins

Prefix checkin comments with feature id


Switch between classic view and model view

Vs project specific to a model

Included changes excluded ( what gets checked in)


Vs object-right click extend/customize


Apply hotfix prepare button to be able to roll back, checks in the previous version

Then open again and apply

There is command line

Foundation model descriptor


Prepare is when u don’t have something checked in and first time u check it in to allow rollback. Otherwise, when rolling back they would be deleted


Create vs shortcut with run as admin set

Have a build every night

Shortcut for:

IIS, services, vs admin, notepad, SSMS, PowerShell ISE

Add oackages folder to favorits in we

Use powershell to search the packages folders

Get-childitem -recurse -filter *.xml | select-stringPattern “searcj terms”

Git is not supported


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