Dynamics 365 Tech Conference Integration

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Dynamics 365 Tech Conference General


Document service gone replaced by data entities

Document service gone replaced by data entities

Rest metadata


Authentication azure

DIXF = data management platform



Synchronous – Most mobile applications use OData

Async – message queue, systems decoupled is good


If Hybrid cloud – logic app and BizTalk

Logic apps is IPAS

Quartz app? Will be released soon for small businesses who want cheaper way for low number of integrations

Integration decision tree – is real time? Volume? Frequency?

Realtime – OData

If volume is high and real-time than go for performance benchmarking

Frequency – every 5 minutes ok-async

Azure application proxy

Biztalk 2016 work with logic app

Entity store is for PowerBI

Aggregate measure?

BYODB – bring your own database

Full push

OData BP: SaveChangesOptions.PostOnlySetProperties/BatchWithSingleChangeset

ODataStack? not supported


Recurring jobs (batch)

DIXF batch job

Process message in order


DIXF or ODatafor structured data

Azure blob – sharedServiceUnitStorage

Github – sample app, quartzAx


Aos is now not service, but webapp on IIS


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