Dynamics 365 Tech Conference Upgrade

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Dynamics 365 Tech Conference General


Release for R3 2017 july

Register interest on a link shown

Upgrade analysys

Cide upg

Data upg

Upg validation at the end

I will give you a little overview…


Data upg is in place

Analyze execute validate

Code upgr estim, upgr analysis tool…

Give tasks to oroaktively help the upgr already in 2012

Deploy sandbox environment to have first level gapfit a.


Upgr analyzer

Identify preparation tasks

Lcs diagnistics service based

Example tasks:

Data cleanup

Sql config

Depreciated fratures

Preuphrade checklist


Sql azure size limitation

Data cleanup – legitemately remove data wo loosing functionality

What can be deleted,

Edtimated gb you could save us a result

Downtime-moving the data to azure


Sql config review and suggestipns

Same as at a performance review


Depr features – gives suggestions fir alternatives


Preupgrade checklist : install hot fix



LCS service does the code upgrade

Resolvs what it can, creates vsts tasks fir what it can not, prepare report

If you overlayerd a menu, it will create a memuextension

Https://Ax.help.dynamics/en/wiki/configure and ececute the code upg tile in lifecycle services/

If there is a compile error, there is no dll, ax does not open


Apply for free trial and deploy a one box environment in your azure

As an ac2012 user we can analyze before bying a license



Perform prep tasks

Perf code upgr-dataupgr

Data cleanup not dev task, via ax client by batch jobs

Sql config- DBA

Preupgr checklist- add users- IT

Depr features-functional


Code upg- aim for siccesdful compile first

Start with lowest oackage and work ipwards – start platform, foundation… they reference each other


Packages group of midels unit if build dll

Understand model split- jad will be divided to jadsuite, jadplatform etc – errors come from this

Refactor old code as extensions – code is upgradeable



Preupgrade checklist – adding UPNs

Dataupg is a deployable package

MajorVersionDataUpgrade package

Upgr scripts are not in the package, they are in ReleaseUpdate x++ classes

Very similar to ax2012 dataupg, batch, and releaseupdate classes

Ax.help…how to troubleshot upgrade script errors

Skip failed scripts is developer task flag


Data upg valudation tool

Smoke test-did server components statt? Accessinle? Data there? Gl and inventory reconcile to ax2012?

Tech test


Appl validation

Chrcklist in lcs upgr methodology


Checklist is configurable and prtable

This is the recommended functional test by Microsoft

Func test


Database schema is almost the same not like 2009 to 2012


Final steps – cutover test


Start lcs upgrade project

– Estimation possible without vsts checkin

Depreciated – document services /aif

Form parts replaced


Previous Vs projects


At the code upgr take note of data schema changes


Very similar to earlier process


Stary with link vsts in lcs proj settings, code upgr tool

Estimation only checkbox

You have your auto upgraded code checked in if not estim

Then you go to visual studio and link to vsts, download code and start work on it


Replace aif with data entities

Create task guides – for users and for tests (regression test)


Upgrade not by layer now – moving from layer to model concept


Each object will end up in a package


Remove sys class modifications?


You have cust in 3 layers, where will they end up? Depends on the object. Multiple models in multiple packages.


Suggestion to move the code out from Microsoft packages and move them. Create extensions and create our own packages.


Ideally, the upgrade will be like for outlook. Next-next-next


Working on improve what the code upgrade can convert to extensions


SSRS upgrade doesn’t upgrade well, manual and option for move to PowerBI


You can still use ssrs

Ssrs upgrade overlayering issue


Power bi not available for local business data


Ax2009 data upgrade is migration approach with data entities


Create user to UPN mapping


Preupgrade checklist in 2012 – cam be done anytime

Ad admin does a bulk user export and import as a fole yo ax2012 to create UPN


Move data – 2012 db – bacpac file- Azure sql db


Replicate business db-repoint the upgraded code to the db-do data upgr


Init schena-preteq-presynch-dbsynch-postsynch-another dbsynch


For data upgrade we just need all our tables to be errorfree


Move code to table extension


Create a branch for the data upgr team


When do i need dataupgrade scripts?

At the time of code upgr. Renaming table? Tweaking index?

Field rename

Rename table

Delete table or foeld

Adding or changing unique index

Populate fields


Spring release will have this


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