Dynamics AX Technical Blogging Started

Hello everyone, helloĀ world,

I am a Dynamics AX technical architect, working in IT from 2001 and with AX from 2003. Lived in Dubai, Cambridge and Budapest, worked on implementations in Europe, America, Asia and Africa. It is time to start blogging. I have so much to share šŸ™‚

Dynamics AX Technical Blogging Started

For long time I have many ideas that I save for myself. When IĀ resolve an issue that is interesting and might be useful in the future, I save it to myself most of the times as an e-mail. From now on I should do this in my new blog. Hopefully they can be useful for others too, and it is easyer for me to find them.


Please have a look at the background on https://daxvisionerp.com/about/.Ā A shorter version:

  • Code performance improvements: tracing, examine queryplans, purge and archive data
  • Technical improvement ideas:Ā start using of terminal servers, propagate infolog to event log etc.
  • AX 2012 R3 upgradesĀ (code upgrade, data upgrade)
  • As first technical resource available in the mornings tackle performance related issues or other issues if they appeare: find and resolve deadlocks in the database, update of index statistics, batch job issues, user session freeze, whole system freeze, DynamicsPerf
  • Code cleanup – renaming thousands of objects, finding and removing unused code and tables, best practice fixes
  • Implement automatic daily clone of production environment (SQL job – TSQL, PowerShell, X++ job) for Quality Assurance
  • SCOM setup
  • TFS code build and release
  • Attend Microsoft technical conferences in Seattle
  • EnableĀ pallets in the new warehouse and transportation management solution of AX 2012 (BlueHorseshoe ISV and Microsoft said it is not possibleĀ but it was)
  • Role based security implementation
  • Creation of code quality report template, FDD template
  • Integrations
  • Upgrade ā€œDie managementā€ module from AX 2009 to AX 2012 (in aluminium profile manufacturing, ā€œdieā€ is part of the machine used in the extrusion process)
  • Project management
  • Trade and logistics consulting
  • Whole lifecycle implementation of Dynamics AX 4.0, Installing, Trade and logistics consulting, Developing

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