File import with SysOperationFramework dialog – D365 FO

This code allows you to create customers by uploading a text/csv file that contains a list of customers. And thanks to the encoding method, it also handles special characters without problems (you can set any character table in the processOperation method at the instantiation of “sr” variable.). This solution also handles UTF-8 and ANSI-encoded documents that contains special characters.

Contract class:

UiBuilder class:

Controller class:

Service class:

With this code we will get a dialog window with a simple fileUpload control where the user can choose the txt/csv file from his/her local computer after clicking the “Browse” button.

Picture of the file upload dialog.

You can read more about SysOperationFramework on the following link: SysOperation FrameWork in D365 for Operations – TheDynamicsDrive (

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